Random Blog: How do you know? #TeamTLF

How do you know its right?

How do you know this is your soul mate?

How do you know this is what really turns you on?

How do you know you can trust yourself to know if its true or not?


After years of being in this fantasy world, where nothing is what it seems, fantasies of any kind can be fulfilled at any moment; this world that is so far removed from the actual world we live in. When I’m in this world its like I walked into a chapter from The Chronicles of Narnia. When I step out of this mystical world for a fresh of breath air, I actually feel like I’m choking. Like a fish out of water. After 5 years I have changed. In a way that is now opposite of what I was when I entered this world. I used to feel out of place like I didn’t belong, I didn’t understand anything or anyone. I felt like the freak at the freak-show. Now its normal. When I’m not in this smutty world I feel like an outsider, I’m not a normal person anymore. I’ve evolved into something greater than “normal” and that my friend is beautiful.

This urge to write a blog came from some completely different idea, but once I start writing I kind of let my fingers take over and allow my brain to release whatever its been holding back, so enjoy.

Seriously though. In this day and age, how do we know what to believe is real vs. what is what we wish to be real?

I’ll tell you.

Sit down, alone.

Put on some music or be in a completely silent room.


Listen to your breathing, your heart beat, get your heart in tune with your body and mind.

Ask yourself the question you desire, and deep down you hold the answer.

Sometimes it takes shutting off the whole world and any influence and really listening to yourself.

  **When you don’t like something and someone offers it to you, right away you say no. If you are not sure if you want any at the moment you hesitate to think if you want it now. When you need an answer try what I mentioned above and you’ll be surprised how quickly you will know the truth.**


I think between the current events in my life and the things my loved ones have told me about life and my future… well I guess I just go to thinking and I had the urge to write… it may not even make sense but I kind of promised myself I’d start writing more again.

If you’d like to respond you may but no pressure😉

Have a beautiful day, do something to pay it forward today! :))



10 ways to show your appreciation on Valentine’s Day:

It’s almost here! The one day of the year we use as an excuse to go overboard for our crushes and lovers. I don’t really get into the whole Hallmark holidays often, but this one is my favorite. Especially since I’m an adult and the gifts and meaning behind Valentine’s Day has changed… for the better! I figured I should write a blog on the top 10 things a man or woman could do to show their appreciation on this wonderful day. But first… I want to make it a point that every day you should show those you care about that you appreciate them, V-Day is just an excuse to splurge and do cute, fun things we cant do every day.

So here we go… the top 10 things to show your appreciation on Valentine’s Day… well at least for me LOL:

  1. Breakfast in Bed; It always wins a girls heart over when her lover can cook. Besides if you do this one then #2 is DEFINITELY gonna happen!
  2. Morning sex! It’s one of my least favorite things… normally. Only because of bad breath. I LOOOOOOOVE to kiss so if I haven’t had a chance to sneak out of bed and brush my choppers and vice versa it’s not gonna happen. Unless I’m super into the person than maybe…
  3. Roses!!! Normally you would want to save the roses for the evening but I would love it if I could get my cake and eat it too. For instance, I walk into my kitchen and see a nice bouquet of roses on my counter. Then at night when I go to take a bath or lay down there are rose petals in a nice hot milk bath or a trail leading to a bunch spread across my bed.
  4. Chocolates; they are the cliche of Valentine’s Day but oh so important! If you get good chocolate, with each bite it will make your lover not only savor each piece but every happy moment you’ve ever shared. If you watch, You’ll see a smile that is priceless!
  5. Quality time; with the every day hustle it’s hard to spend good quality time with your lover… you settle for being in the same room or sharing a quick dinner, but the date nights eventually slow down or cease. This is a day that you can do something you’ve both been wanting to do together, but never had the time. Take it back, talk about random things for hours over a bottle of wine, take a walk on the beach and hold hands, or even go to that cool spot you’ve been meaning to explore together.
  6. PDA! I’m not a big fan of this at all. But If I saw that my lover really just wanted the world to know how much they cared about me and didn’t care who saw… well then #7 is in the bag!
  7. Jewelry; is another HUGE cliche for Valentine’s Day. Now don’t get me wrong… I love getting jewelry especially from a man or woman that I’ve had relations with for some time… but let’s be honest! A good ol’ fashion Pearl Necklace would do me just fine! Seriously maybe even in the bathroom at the nice lunch place you took me to… or some place semi hidden at the beach.
  8. Cute Notes; If you’re stuck working on this magical day then a cute, loving text, email, or tweet is major brownie points! Usually you give your lover a card from Hallmark that says a general message we can all relate to in some way or another. But there is nothing like a personal message to warm the heart and cause a smile!
  9. More food! They say good food puts ya in a good mood, but Great food makes for AMAZING sex! If you were able to spend the whole day together and went out to a nice lunch then a nice dinner at home is the cherry on top! Well no actually #10 is! lol
  10. Put me to bed; After the fabulous dinner we shared, it would be so lovely if you offered a full body rub down. Once you got my back side, you flip me over and do my front, then my hands and feet. You tell me you missed a spot and to roll over. Start to rub on my booty but then surprise me by slipping it in… mmmm mmmm mmmmm! What a way to end a perfect day!

So remember… today is not about you. It’s about your lover! If you take the time to show your appreciation, you’re the real winner. Seriously your cum sack will be so drained be the end of the day you’ll need a whole week to recoup! The cool thing is if both people have that “It’s not about me, It’s their day” attitude, it could be one of the most amazing days you’ve shared. I’m not saying do nice things and secretly be hoping for a reward, but thats just how it works… when two people unselfishly give and treat their lover great, it only makes for an amazing moment worth treasuring forever!

Enjoy Valentine’s Day 2013.

From me to you… MWUAH!!!!!





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It all paid off Frank! Look at us now… its here! I am so proud of us!! More of you… this book/album combo is about to blow the world away! Your talents and skills are all laid out for the world to see now. You produced basically that whole album on your own… I know! I watched it happen in my house! lol I am so honored to be able to write the Foreword and be your Ghost writer… it wasn’t easy but it was completely worth it! Congrats baby!

To my fans…. thank you for your encouragement to keep writing, to do what makes me happy, and for supporting  me and Frank by pre-ordering Stadium Music/The View From The Underground. lol! 

Wow! I am soooo happy and excited right now… I don’t know what else to say!  

Time to pop some bottles! 



Yea boi! #FreeAgent Status!

Hey there Lovers and Friends!

As some of you have heard I am now a Free Agent in the porn world! This is good and bad, but right now it is a good thing! Let me explain…

The main reason girls like to have an agent is laziness. They just don’t want to deal with the business side of porn. I don’t blame em, but I am not them!

The bad part about being a Free Agent falls to the old saying, “Out of sight, out of mind.”

So it is easy to think, “Well what are you doing TLF!? Get yourself a new agent!”  NOT SO FAST!

I think my fans (#TeamTLF) can help me more than an agent can. Seriously! Have you seen my twitter fans lately? They/You are AHHHHMAZING! Thank you for RTing my wishlist and requesting me @ you favorite companies!


Now for the positive side of being on #FreeAgent Status:

– I am responsible enough to handle my own bookings.

– I know how to be professional

– I am in control of my career and what type of shoots I do.

– I collect my own money and don’t have to wait on my agent to “have time” to give me MY money!  LOL

– Don’t have to pay an agent a % of my earnings after I did ALL of the work.

– Don’t have to worry about an agent & their “politics”  prohibiting me from being booked.

– I will be able to make Stress Free SMUT NOW! YAY!!!!


Listen, there are pros and cons to everything and every situation. However, I have been performing for 3 years now. Until I find someone who actually knows what to do with a smart, professional, beautiful model like myself… I am going to enjoy this to the fullest!


So hope this little update helped… I just want to say THANK YOU! one more time to #TeamTLF… You are the reason I keep going!





p.s. I will  be doing a live twitter interview at 1pm PST tomorrow!

Love and hip hop

Hello lovers,
As you know I am back in writer mode. U Just recently heard about my first book. I have been able to explore the world of Hip Hop and write a musical memoir. Now it is time for me to use this inspiration and write my own story.
It is great to be able to have the time and ability to write your story on paper, but it is also a very hard, time consuming task. Every morning I wake up, feed my dog, make some coffee and eat. Yogurt with granola, then get to writing. Some days I have no desire to write. I feel blah. I had to figure out why it happened so often and how to stop it! I started to get frustrated.  I need to tell my story. I have to get it written, in words, on paper. Not Just thoughts and ideas in my head.

I watched eat pray love recently. It really inspired me to get writing. I love the quote,
“I actively participated in every moment of the creation of this life, but why didn’t I see myself In it.”
I am sure there has been a time you haven’t felt like you belonged of fitted in. Or felt like the life you are living is not what you want.
I went as low as an attempt to end my life, but that was not the answer.
I have overcame many fucked up situations,  but that is What has sculpted me into the woman I am today. I have fallen in love with life. With hip hop, Cookie, a man,  my family,  and the career I do. I want to share my whole life with you because I have really fallen in live with my fans. This past year has been amazing. I have been thru the ups and Downs with my twitter fans … but thru every step of the way my fans always bring a smile to my face. I hear girls talking about bad incidents with fans and I think to myself…. I am one lucky mofo! I haven’t had any problems with #TeamTLF (real fans) I have had nothing But great times and tons of support.
So This is why I am doing something very special to show you my love…. can you guess?

So instead of going to la next week…  I am going to enjoy where I am and continue to write This book. I think it will be worth it In the long run.

By the way Just for fun I did a new poll… go check it out.

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Also sometimes during my breaks from writing, I turn my phone on and let you call me. You can find my number here in the store or on my twitter Bio.

I am really happy I am able to share my experiences with my fans, I hope you will enjoy it to the fullest and become a life time member of #TeamTLF

Until next time! 
Naughty Kisses and Wet Dreams!


Guess I’ll Go Eat Some Worms

I think that will be the name of my second book!

Do you know what childhood tale that is from?

Anywho… I have begun the process of writing a book. If you ever checked out TheViewFromTheUnderground.com you know that there are a few steps…

First I have to write out ideas of what I want to write about. It’s called a Brainstorm Session…

Then I make a list of important people and events that I want to include in the story… it’s also a reference guide when editing..

Next I like to make an outline… yup just like any good paper in school it needs an outline..

Finally I get to write!

This is the hard part…. at least today… I am sort of having a writer’s block… and it’s not that I don’t know what to write about… It’s that I know I have to remember a lot of stuff about my life… Right now I am happy… and to sit and write about my past and some very intimate stuff and then publish it… it’s kind of a big hairy ball sack deal! lol No seriously… I am opening up my heart and life with you. So you can see the world through my eyes for a day. Hopefully you will learn something from this, but I am just hoping you support it and are entertained by it. This whole project puts me in a very vulnerable position, but it is a position I am looking forward to being in with you.

Stay tuned for updates!

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Naughty Kisses and Wet Dreams!

oooooh ya and over the weekend I did a photo shoot with a local NW photographer… here is a RAW pic😉

Looking in the distance