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The moment we have all been waiting for! Well the moment I have been waiting for… lol… it’s finally here! 

You know June is my birthday month so you better buy a book to support your girl! 

Yes… your favorite dirty movie Goddess can do other things…like write a book! hahaha! 

I am so happy right now…. Frank and I spent a lot of time figuring out how to write, what to write, what to keep out, and getting it ready and delivered to Traffic ENT on time….

It all paid off Frank! Look at us now… its here! I am so proud of us!! More of you… this book/album combo is about to blow the world away! Your talents and skills are all laid out for the world to see now. You produced basically that whole album on your own… I know! I watched it happen in my house! lol I am so honored to be able to write the Foreword and be your Ghost writer… it wasn’t easy but it was completely worth it! Congrats baby!

To my fans…. thank you for your encouragement to keep writing, to do what makes me happy, and for supporting  me and Frank by pre-ordering Stadium Music/The View From The Underground. lol! 

Wow! I am soooo happy and excited right now… I don’t know what else to say!  

Time to pop some bottles! 



Guess I’ll Go Eat Some Worms

I think that will be the name of my second book!

Do you know what childhood tale that is from?

Anywho… I have begun the process of writing a book. If you ever checked out TheViewFromTheUnderground.com you know that there are a few steps…

First I have to write out ideas of what I want to write about. It’s called a Brainstorm Session…

Then I make a list of important people and events that I want to include in the story… it’s also a reference guide when editing..

Next I like to make an outline… yup just like any good paper in school it needs an outline..

Finally I get to write!

This is the hard part…. at least today… I am sort of having a writer’s block… and it’s not that I don’t know what to write about… It’s that I know I have to remember a lot of stuff about my life… Right now I am happy… and to sit and write about my past and some very intimate stuff and then publish it… it’s kind of a big hairy ball sack deal! lol No seriously… I am opening up my heart and life with you. So you can see the world through my eyes for a day. Hopefully you will learn something from this, but I am just hoping you support it and are entertained by it. This whole project puts me in a very vulnerable position, but it is a position I am looking forward to being in with you.

Stay tuned for updates!

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Naughty Kisses and Wet Dreams!

oooooh ya and over the weekend I did a photo shoot with a local NW photographer… here is a RAW pic😉

Looking in the distance



A New Beginning…. #TeamTLF

“Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet.

Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.”

-Helen Keller


It has been a little over a month since I dropped a big load of reality on you… so I thought I’d update you….. Enjoy!


What does true happiness and freedom look like?

Right this second, it would look something like me. I have never been happier or felt so free as I do right now. You are probably wondering why and how?

I haven’t been shooting xxx movies for a couple months now, but I have wrote a book, started my second one, and began a journey of healing in that time. I was hoping that I would take a couple weeks to a month off from shooting, while I had time to relax and write, then return to LA. That is exactly NOT what happened. LOL

I left LA shortly after I started to break down. I wouldn’t call it a burn out, but it was damn near close to that. I have been battling anxiety and depression for some time now. Through lots of medical marijuana and a very promiscuous life style I was able to ignore a lot of the problems that needed to be resolved. One day I woke up and realized that’s not how I wanted my life to be like, especially if I wanted to become the woman I desire to be one day. Luckily, after a recent long 6 day vacation, I feel like I am so close.

Not only did I have time to reflect and correct, but I got to learn and apply in a safe environment. I am so thankful for the people that have helped me in this rough patch.

I am very excited for my future. I feel so confident now, so sure of myself, and very inspired. A new beginning is now at my doorstep. I can either close the door and ignore the opportunities that lay ahead. OR I can open the door with confidence and walk down the path of the unknown with my head held high. I think the second one sounds better!

You know that saying, “don’t burn bridges because you never know when you will need to cross it again?” Well there are some bridges that need to be burned and some that need to be well protected. Yes I have dealt with a lot of scum bags in the 3 years of being an adult entertainer, but I have also come across some really amazing people as well. That being said, I still haven’t decided if I want to come back to being a full time porn chick, but I do know this wonderful world of erotic pleasure is part of me now. I may not be on Paul Cantor’s “top 100 pornstars” list, but I am very loved by my dear fans. That, my friend, is what matters the most.

“One is truly free when they are the master of their own mind.” -Unknown

I have discovered this quote to be so true in the last couple weeks. I had so much doubt, and “what if” thinking going through my head it was pathetic. The worst part about it is I let it get the best of me. Not once but twice did I try to take my own life. It is a very scary place to be in…. I hope you don’t ever have to go down that road, hence why I am opening up and being so RAW for you. I got to the point where I didn’t care anymore! I didn’t even care about the people that would mourn my death every year on the same day. Never did I want to go there or even be able to understand what it feels like to want to kill myself. It’s shitty. It happened and I survived.

“Happiness is an inside job!” -John Powell

After going to the dark side, I was able to see the light.

Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom to see and appreciate what you really have. Life is one big roller coaster for me, it always has been and it might continue to be. This time though, I am a little more prepared. Nothing is worth taking your life. Not a big debt, a lover, a dead cat, or even doing porn instead of going to college to be a nurse. NONE of that is as important as my life.

 I am currently writing a book, again. It is going to be a memoir of my life leading up to porn and my new beginning. I hope you will support & buy it once it comes out in many months to come. I don’t want to write an essay, but I hope you were able to understand this rant.

Until next time,

Stay naughty!

xxoxxo TLF


Confident, Productive, Accomplished #HappyGirl #TeamTLF


Just wanted to give you a quick update to let you know what I have been working on…

In the months that I have been away from shooting adult videos…. I have been writing a book! If you would like to read more about it please go to http://www.TheViewFromTheUnderGround.com (copy&paste).

I am truly honored to be apart of this project. Frank Nitt has produced his first, Full-Length Solo Album “Stadium Music.” This book, “The View From The Underground” is a memoir of his journey through Hip-Hop. I have been lucky enough to have a very amazing relationship with this man, but I have also been able to witness some magical transformation as a musician.

Once he started to open up to me and tell me stories about things no one has ever heard before, or only the really close homies from childhood would know about, I knew his true fans would LOVE and Cherish this book. Luckily, I do believe the book and album will be released together. Its a good thing. After you read the book I think it will help you understand and appreciate the music more. So stay tuned for the release date… We will be dropping it soon.

I also have two more books I plan to release within the next two years. I have begun a million projects, like a typical Gemini would, but now I am actually focusing on one at a time. I really hope you all stick around to see where this new journey takes me. I am excited, nervous, happy, and proud all at the same time. I know you will enjoy these future projects to come.

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Some heavy shit!


Thank you for taking the time to read this.



P.S. I love being your fantasy woman, and sharing my sexual desires with you. I am just at a point in my life that I need to heal from my past. I am the type of person that does things in hopes it will help someone else one day. So please do not take this as I hate porn or I regret it. Like I said it was a blessing in disguise. I just want there to be a change for the better!  HUGS AND KISSES!


Remember when you were a little kid, you had so many dreams and hopes? The world was such a big place and you wanted to see all of it!

When I was a little girl I would write lists… I was bored a lot. Some days I would write down a list of “100 things I wanted to do before I die,” or “top 50 places I’d love to travel to.” I also did things like plan my dream wedding, with my dream man, in my dream life. I’m serious! Me and my BFF would do this together all the time LOL! Anyways, I’m pretty sure by the time I was 12 I knew I wanted to save the world. I didn’t know if it would be by way of LAW or MEDICINE but either one was fine by me, and society.

Somewhere along the way of my teenage years, I lost that innocence we all posses as young-lings. I don’t remember how or why, I just did. I began to realize that “money makes the world go round” and there are politics in places you wouldn’t imagine. I guess my senior year economics class opened my eyes.

A month before my graduation I was looking into how to get money for college. I already had two jobs at this point. I know how hard it is to work 40+ hours a week and go to school full time. I bought my first car by saving up paychecks for months. So why not find another job for college? Well my mind took me to the “Dark side” immediately. “Fast Easy Money,” Right? Wrong.

Two and a half years and 250+ scenes later this is the product of “Fast Easy Money.”

Look. I am not complaining. I had a great time… It was fun and very important part of my life. I am just not sure what to do now, where to go or even really what to say publicly or keep to myself. Luckily, I have a great support team behind me right now and I am very thankful. I guess I didn’t realize PORN could actually be something I enjoy to do for a living, OR even be the door that opened that Heroine heart I possesed as a young girl. Could porn really be the first step that I took to add my contribution to this world? WOW! That’s something to think about.


Well Cookie and I are going to go take a long walk.. I hope you all enjoy your day and thank you for reading. If you read this, it means you care. For that I thank you.



Part 2: Moments with Tara Lynn Foxx

Moments with Tara Lynn Foxx:  “Bondage, Ball Gags, and the Castle”

Rich Moreland, June 2011.

Gonzo queen, interracial hottie, vanilla starlet? Take your pick when (go)ogling Tara Lynn Foxx. But, be sure to add BDSM kinkster to your shopping list of TLF pics and vids you want to see. Tara is a sexy bottom who can “rule” a bondage shoot, flipping her submissiveness into a feminist attitude of empowerment that marks her (pun intended for BDSM fans) as an emerging star in adult film kink.

Tara’s visits to San Francisco’s Kink.com porn edifice, affectionately known as the Castle, are repeated homecomings. As of this writing, she’s shot over fifty times for Peter Acworth and has a particular fondness for two of the Armory’s repertoire of websites—ultimatesurrender.com, all-girl wrestling in front of an audience, and hogtied.com., the company’s original bondage site.

Ultimatesurrender is “my favorite right now,” Tara says. Not surprising, the girl is competitive.

Bondage shoots beg for good directors and Kink has them. So, whom does Tara like?

Her first love was Hogtied’s Lochai who has since returned to his native Baltimore. “Sweet and very caring,” is how she describes him. His replacement Matt is high on her list now.

Tara adores Princess Donna, whom she amusingly characterizes as a pervert, and Isis Love, a close friend whom Tara trusts. “She knows how to push my boundaries in a good way,” Tara says of Isis.

Wait a minute, how does a porn girl define “pervert?”

Perverts “have naughty thoughts,” Tara says, responding to my interruption of our conversation, “and are not afraid to share them.”

“They love sex as much I do,” she adds.

 TLF flashes that impish smile again. “I’m a perv ‘cause I think dirty things and then act on them!”

Makes sense to me. Now back to Kink’s webmasters.

“I really like all the directors to be honest with you,” she says. “I love a lot of their sites so it’s hard to pick favorites.”

In bondage and ball gag scenes, confidence among the players frames a sexually hot experience. A director wants to seduce a restrained model into ethereal moments of ecstasy. That means eliminating doubt and hesitation.

A superb dominant can lure a sub into a space-time continuum, referred to as “subspace” or “mindspace,” that shapes the eroticism of a BDSM experience. The inner journey is reflected in a model’s eyes and Tara’s entice the camera with a tantalizing vulnerability.

I ask TLF to comment on a Kink shoot she did with Wolf Hudson, a much-admired performer who divides his time between hetero and gay filming. Tara’s scene with Wolf was one of the steamiest I’ve witnessed in BDSM film.

“I know Wolf and love him as a person,” Tara says. “He’s really cool, he’s very talented, and his dick is amazing.”

The shoot was for the Training of O website. Tara was tied, legs spread, warmed up with some flogging and ready for penetration. Wolf worked the scene slowly. As he nestled his lips near hers, Tara gazed into his eyes before retreating deeper into subspace. Her head tilted just enough for that succumbing “fuck me” look Kink members pay to see.

“We had really great chemistry,” Tara remembers, brightening in recognition of a memorable experience. “I felt so comfortable with him, I think that really showed.”

Indeed it did.

The scene was condom friendly and for Tara that ensured her personal satisfaction. There is no cajoling at the Armory to eschew safer sex.

“I was able to relax and really have sex,” she comments.

In the porn universe, there is a distinction between sex and “real” sex. The first is a paycheck; the second is pleasure rewarded with a paycheck.

Tara reinforces what I’ve heard repeatedly among adult performers. Having “real sex” is all too rare. “You don’t get to do that a lot on camera,” she explains, “you really have to get comfortable fast.” Waiting on the set creates a need to move forward with filming when the time is ripe, a demanding environment in which to sustain the emotions that yield good sex.

And, of course, condoms are the prescription for the sweet and salty of “real sex.” Anal is now routine and the question of what co-stars did the night before and with whom they did it with is always in the back of a girl’s mind when the penetration moment comes. For Tara, condoms spell relief and elevate the connections she seeks with favorite performers.

I’m curious about the punishment segments of her BDSM shoots and referenced the T of O episode under James Mogul’s direction. Mogul’s a master psychologist, tough on models, keeping them off balance emotionally to probe their inner sexual core. And he uses his whips with efficiency.

James likes scenes to constantly evolve under his orchestration. He “just kept the shoot going,” Tara recalled. He “kept me on my toes because I had to think fast.” James’ style is to pose lots of questions and demand immediate answers.

“If I didn’t answer, then I would get punished,” she says.

But hey, sweetheart, you’re a hot sensuous bondage model with a fan following, what do you expect?

“Yeah, I like to get punished,” Tara concedes with a slight giggle, “but not all the time!”

She confesses that she was naïve about the BDSM community, “almost stupid,” when she ran headlong into James. A newbie to bondage play, Tara quickly got an education.

Having seen James at work, I can appreciate TLF’s next point. “He kept me feeling safe,” she says.

Precaution is a hallmark of James’ directing, as it is in every Kink production. A Kink episode is stressful and draining on a model; it can be intimidating and painful if she is a novice to BDSM play. But with James and the other directors, a baby in a blanket could not be more secure than a performer in their hands.

Sound like fun? Before you get out a flogger or cane to induce a little playtime with your lover, keep in mind it’s more than just a stroke or two on the canvass of back or butt.

Pay attention perverts and listen to Tara.

Working at Kink is a “mindfuck.”

She is upfront and direct. “Anybody can sit there and whip you with a flogger, but for me to get pleasure out of it you have to really be in my head.” The Kink pathway into the brain is verbal and tactile; directors talk and caress during shoots.

“The things they do to us are more painful when they’re in our heads. At the same time, when they’re in our heads the pain gets turned into pleasure,” Tara affirms.

It’s a process and Tara comments that Princess Donna is a fascinating example of how it is accomplished. She is a champion at inducing models to “feel what she is doing” and making certain they are sky-high with the seduction of bondage play. Donna is “intriguing” Tara adds, because BDSM is her personal lifestyle.

Failure to guide a bottom through the transition into “subspace” defeats the experience of BDSM play. “If they’re not in my head,” Tara is adamant, “it’s just going to be pain and I’m not into it or them.”

Tara relishes her submissiveness; however, to be a good bottom is to be demanding. She knows that her pleasure is cerebral. If the shoot isn’t working for her, she will mentally invert the scene. “I actually feel dominant over them,” she remarks, adding that if her tops can’t induce the “mindfuck,” then her feistiness vaporizes her “subspace.”

My bet is that in time TLF will follow well-known Kink subs like Bobbi Starr and Lorelei Lee who now “switch” (shoot as doms) for Acworth. Both are feminists, as is Princess Donna by the way, and Tara’s sassiness mirrors theirs. TLF has learned from the best to get what she wants.

There’s more I could tell you like how our sweetie sizzles with a huge ball gag between her pouty lips and what a lovely gape shot she had in a Kink shoot with the aforementioned Lorelei Lee, but maybe later. For now I’ll relate what Tara appreciates about filming in the City by the Bay.

It’s being in the Spanish Revival fortress on Mission Street, reveling in its Victorian architecture and socializing with the terrific people who work there. It is home. Tara popped her bondage cherry with her first Kink shoot and she’s been loved there ever since.

“One of my favorite things about going to the Castle is bumping into Peter,” she says. “He is just so . . . words don’t describe that man. But I love getting a hug from him.”

How the little things make a difference!


Rich continues his research on feminism and adult film. A book is in progress and Tara Lynn Foxx is one the industry stars whose words and stories are highlighted in the text.