Yea boi! #FreeAgent Status!

Hey there Lovers and Friends!

As some of you have heard I am now a Free Agent in the porn world! This is good and bad, but right now it is a good thing! Let me explain…

The main reason girls like to have an agent is laziness. They just don’t want to deal with the business side of porn. I don’t blame em, but I am not them!

The bad part about being a Free Agent falls to the old saying, “Out of sight, out of mind.”

So it is easy to think, “Well what are you doing TLF!? Get yourself a new agent!”  NOT SO FAST!

I think my fans (#TeamTLF) can help me more than an agent can. Seriously! Have you seen my twitter fans lately? They/You are AHHHHMAZING! Thank you for RTing my wishlist and requesting me @ you favorite companies!


Now for the positive side of being on #FreeAgent Status:

– I am responsible enough to handle my own bookings.

– I know how to be professional

– I am in control of my career and what type of shoots I do.

– I collect my own money and don’t have to wait on my agent to “have time” to give me MY money!  LOL

– Don’t have to pay an agent a % of my earnings after I did ALL of the work.

– Don’t have to worry about an agent & their “politics”  prohibiting me from being booked.

– I will be able to make Stress Free SMUT NOW! YAY!!!!


Listen, there are pros and cons to everything and every situation. However, I have been performing for 3 years now. Until I find someone who actually knows what to do with a smart, professional, beautiful model like myself… I am going to enjoy this to the fullest!


So hope this little update helped… I just want to say THANK YOU! one more time to #TeamTLF… You are the reason I keep going!





p.s. I will  be doing a live twitter interview at 1pm PST tomorrow!