My trip to the Bay! #BlogMonday #TeamTLF

So I took a trip to the bay again!
If you know me you know I am from the bay, and I love to go back as much as possible!

I drove up there last weekend so I could see the ever so lovely Kathryn Dupri… And I ended up shooting for The Great Bobbi Star! If you have been living under a rock you haven’t heard of her POV line for Evil Angel… Well that’s what I shot for. We had an amazing time together and I came super hard from the anal play she gave me:-)

After I shot I spent some amazing time with Kathryn and also explored the city with Billy Watson and Eric Kroll…. Here are some pictures from my trip!


This chick used to be in the circus! Her first porn shoot😉

Their reactions to the circus girl!

Shot in the AMC building which is ironically located on a street named after one of the most famous lesbians

The amazing scene with Bobbi Starr

Quality time with KD

Being a tourist!

Living the good life
“Her beauty is what men go to war for!” -Eric Kroll on Tara Lynn Foxx

Buzzed with Eric Kroll

Such a fascinating man! I love Eric Kroll

He has been with his partner for 30 years … Sad that they can’t get married! They have a great store called The Apartment

Potty break!

Fun on the run!

What’s good in the Hood? #BlogMonday #TeamTLF

Hey #TeamTLF!!

So it’s been a while since I’ve last wrote… Here is the update:

I have been shooting with a bush lately.. Wanted to change it up and lucky for me the lovely folks at Venom made a movie called Harry Twatter:

This was such a hot scene! I loved that Michael Vegas and I stayed in character the whole time … Stay tuned for this must see!

I have also began appearing on YouTube for @PageKennedy’s channel! We did “I Dream of Jeanie Her”
It was hilarious and if you haven’t watched it yet… Jump off a cliff!


I shot for Taboo Magazine with Mickey Mod…. It was such a fun, kinky day! Hope I get the cover!!

we did a yummy anal scene!

I also wrote a book and it will be out tomorrow! Yay!!
20120604-120110.jpg if you haven’t already go check out the blog! And order yours today! click here

My newest scene out is with Alice Frost! It is live so go Check it out😉
20120604-120137.jpg This girl is so sweet! So I corrupted her and showed her how to give a good handjob!

My new BFF is @Rio_Vixen… We did a funny skit for page kennedy the other day20120604-120225.jpg stay tuned for this too!

The highlight of May.. Of all the cool things I’ve done… I finally got to shoot some amazing pics with Dave Naz20120604-120322.jpg If you don’t know who Dave Naz is… Just off urself already cuz ur missing out! One of the worlds best photographers! (This pic was by me tho lol) stay tuned for his pics😉

I randomly discovered Jubilee with my Jew Peter Warren20120604-120352.jpg ya were cool!

I am currently doing a movie for Filly Films…. My first scene was with kiara diane… It was a hot scene that started in a car20120604-120427.jpgdon’t we look good together!?

I got to see my favorite woman… Kathryn Dupri20120604-120445.jpg she is an amazing woman…

Currently I am in the Bay (San Francisco for u non Cali natives) I shot for Bobbi Starr for her POV line with Evil Angel20120604-120459.jpg it was by far the hottest anal scene I have done yet… Must stay tuned for this!

Other than that I got my first speaking role in the mainstream world lol! I did a movie called Alien Babes in Heat… Enough said!

All of the things I said stay tuned for I will tweet about so make sure to follow me on twitter @TaraLynnFoxx

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone that has supported me by hiring me, sending love thru social sites, following me, giving advice and just being a good friend…. I hope you know who you are Bcuz there are too many to write it out! Lol

Love you #TeamTLF!

Happy Monday! Happy June!

P.S. my birthday is in 9 days…. I will be in San Diego at DejaVu doin a store Signing and partying it up afterwards … So I Better see you all there! Come help me celebrate my 22nd birthday!

Was hoping to have the flyer here but still waiting for them to send it to me lol! So I guess one more time.. Stay tuned lol!!!


This is from my photoshoot for my new trading cards!

How could I forget … Big thank u to Sophie Dee! She was also in the Page Kennedy video and hooked me up with Alien Babes in heat! Love you girlie!!

Taylor Wane was in Page’s video as well!
Can’t wait to see how I look in my first Music Video #addictedtothatwhite

Part 3: Moments with Tara Lynn Foxx

Moments with Tara Lynn Foxx, Part 3


By Rich Moreland, November 2011

Book writing is a time eater and I’ve been working to get my manuscript ready for the editor’s pen. I lost track of TLF for a couple of months and when porn models I know disappear off my radar and their names don’t come up in new releases, I get concerned.

So I turned to Tara’s blog for updates and saw “Some Heavy Shit” (August 2011).

It was time for a phone call . . .

“I doubted myself when I talked with you,” Tara told me. She was referring to a conversation we had months ago. Keeping her “game face” up and running, she did not let on then that her self-esteem was under fire.

On this late November afternoon, our talk was less light-hearted though almost immediately, Tara assuaged my concerns that she might be spiraling in a direction that was not good.

How do you spell relief?

She is doing fine, taking some time off, getting ready to reenter the swirl of an industry that the late porn pioneer Marilyn Chambers claimed, “eats up girls and spits them out.”

After being reassured that she wasn‘t suicidal, I was nagged by the urge that I needed to do something (with me that means write) to send her some love. We said “goodbye” with the promise to speak again soon and I immediately dug into my computer files to locate an unpublished piece I crafted some time ago. It was about courage in the adult industry and Tara’s strength of character called it to my mind. She was not the subject of it then, but is a subject for it today.

Here is an excerpt.

“Porn girls are vivacious, attractive, naturally hedonistic, and draw instant attention. But despite their ‘money and fame’ persona, the cost is high. Their bodies are penetrated and used for profit and the glamour can sometimes reek of men who stink in body and soul.”

In Tara’s case the cost was extracted from her spirit. If you read her blog entry you’ll see what I mean.

Here is more from the same piece.

“For those not in the business, the thought of exposing one’s body, engaging in sex acts of various kinds, and having it displayed on the internet for the world to see is overwhelming and prohibiting. It can lead to feelings elucidated by Tera Patrick. ‘We’re all hos on this bus,’ she said.

The human emotion of courage is on display in pornography to a greater extent than we realize. Striving for acceptance is basic to our survival and rejection hurts. We want people to believe in what we do, the decisions we make. For a porn performer, the personal issues for entering the business may be varied—economic concerns, lack of opportunity, a free spirited sexuality, or a sense of adventure. But whatever the reasons, courage is necessary. Without it, the human spirit collapses.”

What happens when the unscrupulous—in the porn business think agents, producers and directors—abrade and smash a performer’s ego, in effect reducing a woman’s personhood to what can be shoved into three holes? Such a contemptuous exploitation is particularly devastating to an eighteen-year-old whose naiveté is stripped as bare as her body.

Respect is non-existent.

In Tara’s case, her inner fortitude was battered, but not buried. She remolded it into a resilience that continues to cope with two demands in her professional life: perfecting her on screen performance and excoriating the stench of a casting couch that brutalizes and numbs.

Everyone has doubts, but in porn they can be crippling. The average career, after all, runs about eighteen months. Some make it longer. Nina Hartley, Bobbi Starr, Aurora Snow, and Madison Young come immediately to mind. But it is daunting.

Porn means putting your vulnerabilities on the line for all to see, hoping your looks and the ability to turn a good fuck keep you sane.

“Remember the camera, sweetheart, give it a look and point your toes.” The director cajoles as the crew prepares to shoot the DP. Bear in mind, not every producer cares if a model can stomach the presence of co-stars she dislikes who are popping three Viagra to make her day a little longer. And, don’t forget the wretchedness of a dirty bathroom, or the terror of anal without a condom.

“If you won’t do it, Sweetheart, I’ll find somebody who will.” It’s on-the-set extortion and along with the slime of wheedling agents becomes ugliness at its basest level.

As Tara informs us the industry is full of scumbags.

Failure, defined as looking too mechanical or being resistant to demands—that little extra for a few more bucks not spelled out in the call sheet—costs a performer work. And if she decides the business is not for her, it becomes pack up time; go home with the haunting memory that her short career is out there forever. Social media lights up and her high school friends go online to find out if she is shaved as smooth as a baby’s butt.

Most egregious is when the payday tragically depends on deals struck before the shooting starts. Paved with false promises, the first round is sex for free. The emotional pain is overwhelming or totally denied.

Tara knows this all too well.

That’s why the business’s famous adage is, “you don’t fuck to get a job, fucking is the job.”

Tara’s been hosed while learning the business and again behind the cameras within it. A porn generation ago, the infamous Traci Lords was said to service the crew when not in front of the camera. But Traci was a manipulator, who turned her talents into a kind of porno blackmail. At eighteen, Tara was wettest behind her ears, just a kid like many others who wanted to please.

There is a reason why the industry refers to talent as boys and girls. It advertises a scene as boy/girl; a performer puts on her resume that she is available for girl/girl work or boy/boy/girl shoots. Talent is infantilized, second-class citizens in an billion dollar industry, a throw away commodity. And if you didn’t know, there are no residuals when a film is marketed or scenes are extracted later for compilations.

Bill Margold, porn’s eminent historian, has said many times that the adult industry should hug the “kids,” as he calls the models, but would rather fuck them instead.

But, I will tell you this. Tara Lynn Foxx is a survivor. When I said of her in a post on this blog that she could roll through an interview like the baddest big boy in a monster truck rally, I was not kidding.

When her confidence crashed down around her, doubts about loss of control surfaced. Questionable decisions that were not always in her best interests piled up and depression moved in for a stay. Trust took a hike.

But with a person of Tara’s courage, recovery flickers softly at first, then roars like a fire.

I know because she told me; I could hear it in her voice.

She can “put on her face,” as she calls her professional demeanor. But the true test of strength comes when she is “not on anymore” those moments when her porn persona melts away and she morphs into the “natural” Tara: honest and sweet with those captivating eyes.

This woman has mettle, that inherent quality of temperament that crafts toughness and internal strength. She can follow her passions while shielding herself from the dirt flung by critics and abusers. Her inner sanctuary has not collapsed.

Best of all, she knows this.

This little piece of writing is an emotional and psychological obituary for the “kid” Tara once was and an introduction of a Tara that has vacated girlhood to become a “woman” in a tough industry. She has experienced death and rebirth accentuated with spirit and spunk.

Doubts will always be part of every person, as I shared with her in our conversation. I’ve had mine and you, her fans, have had yours.

Our inner strength, the belief in ourselves, never goes away; it just hibernates, waiting to be called up in time of need like the army reserve.

But let’s remember the words of Ringo Starr, it is nice when we get “a little help from our friends.”

Tara could use a little boost at her back right now. This is where you come in. Send her a comment, email, or make a phone call.

She has my trust and faith. How about yours?


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