Foxxy Chef and a 3sum on Spice Radio!

I am sooooo motivated right now… Not just because the best revenge is success but because I have an awesome set of friends in my life as of late… that want to help make my dreams come true!

One of my dreams is to make the best cooking site around!

Yesterday I went over to the 818 Cam house and totally cooked up a storm for my friends. The Incredibly sexy Nikita Blade pulled her cinco de mayo hungover butt together and joined me for the Margarita Cupcakes! Yes they turned out AHHHmazing… but the best part of her joining the live show was the time we had while the cakes were baking… She has some yummy tatas!

Then I made some tortilla soup from scratch! I even made fresh corn chips for the topping on the soup! Yum!

BTW… I asked my followers on @FoxxyChef to pick a dish and if I pick yours you win something! Well… THE WINNER IS… @Bishop!

He mentioned cinco de mayo… and it inspired me to show you how to use your left overs from the fiesta… Thank you for the idea! It was a great show! So please make sure to DM me to claim your prize!



Tonight… I went on Spice Radio xm103 with Brooke Haven and Missy Martinez.. They were soooo much fun!! They finger banged the frosting then split the cake! They said they loved it!!! Yay!! They also mentioned they like baking but cooking is not their thing… Soooo I invited them to join me on the FoxxyChef Cooking show and I can teach them a few things… Would you guys like that?



Tonight’s topic was 3sums… I think there was a pretty hot 3sum with just us girls… but the theme was 2 chick one dick! I loved listening to this one caller… he went back to the 70’s man! Matter of fact I think he was a lil stoned when he called in… His memory is good for all the drugs he’s done lol! He was so detailed about his 3sum that sounded more like an orgy, and he even remembered the size of the other guys cock… If you don’t think that’s cool… He hitchhiked 800 miles! Ha! Times have changed huh?

It was great fun! Thank you Lovers and Friends if you tuned in &/or called in! I was hoping to hear more of my followers stories about their hottest 3sum experience or even their 3sum fantasy! But we kinda ran out of time!


Speaking of stories… actually this has no story… but did anyone notice how much closer the moon was LAST night than on the supposed “super moon” night lol?!


Thanks for reading #TeamTLF!




2 thoughts on “Foxxy Chef and a 3sum on Spice Radio!

  1. Tara it great listening to you on the show! You always do a great show and of course I loved calling in to talk to you! Any time your on the fans should be calling in because its a lot of fun! I love your selection of reciepes to for Foxxy Chef! Keep on Keeping on! :)

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