Love and hip hop

Hello lovers,
As you know I am back in writer mode. U Just recently heard about my first book. I have been able to explore the world of Hip Hop and write a musical memoir. Now it is time for me to use this inspiration and write my own story.
It is great to be able to have the time and ability to write your story on paper, but it is also a very hard, time consuming task. Every morning I wake up, feed my dog, make some coffee and eat. Yogurt with granola, then get to writing. Some days I have no desire to write. I feel blah. I had to figure out why it happened so often and how to stop it! I started to get frustrated.  I need to tell my story. I have to get it written, in words, on paper. Not Just thoughts and ideas in my head.

I watched eat pray love recently. It really inspired me to get writing. I love the quote,
“I actively participated in every moment of the creation of this life, but why didn’t I see myself In it.”
I am sure there has been a time you haven’t felt like you belonged of fitted in. Or felt like the life you are living is not what you want.
I went as low as an attempt to end my life, but that was not the answer.
I have overcame many fucked up situations,  but that is What has sculpted me into the woman I am today. I have fallen in love with life. With hip hop, Cookie, a man,  my family,  and the career I do. I want to share my whole life with you because I have really fallen in live with my fans. This past year has been amazing. I have been thru the ups and Downs with my twitter fans … but thru every step of the way my fans always bring a smile to my face. I hear girls talking about bad incidents with fans and I think to myself…. I am one lucky mofo! I haven’t had any problems with #TeamTLF (real fans) I have had nothing But great times and tons of support.
So This is why I am doing something very special to show you my love…. can you guess?

So instead of going to la next week…  I am going to enjoy where I am and continue to write This book. I think it will be worth it In the long run.

By the way Just for fun I did a new poll… go check it out.

Also if you are looking to find a new release of me check out
Some of the recent titles are:
Attack of the Ass munchers, Interracial Blowbang #5, innocent high, sos and a few other!

Also sometimes during my breaks from writing, I turn my phone on and let you call me. You can find my number here in the store or on my twitter Bio.

I am really happy I am able to share my experiences with my fans, I hope you will enjoy it to the fullest and become a life time member of #TeamTLF

Until next time! 
Naughty Kisses and Wet Dreams!


2 thoughts on “Love and hip hop

  1. Hi Tara,

    I have a respectful suggestion for when next you have writer’s block.

    Basically, I’m in the website business and I make money by getting people to talk about their ideas and what they want. In the beginning it’s often awkward and so I help break the ice and get them to think — and talk.

    We could do the same for a test session if you like; no charge.:-) In this case, you would use the creative ideas not for a website but for your book.

    Also, if you call me on my company’s toll-free line then if you want we can record the conversation as a huge WAV file that I can email or upload to you and then you can listen to it and get writing inspiration based on what you hear during replaying it.

    I can’t do this for hours, but half an hour here and there I’d be happy to donate.



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