One year later…

I’m coming up on my one year mark… That I retired from being an adult performer. 

I truly can’t believe that time has gone so fast. Lately I’ve really been looking back over the past year to see the progress I made.

Last year I bought a car, got rid of my apt, sold anything that wouldn’t fit in said car, and took a cross country road trip. 

I knew I couldn’t stay in LA if I truly wanted to leave the business. However I had no where to go. 

Sometimes things just work out! I got a call one day that gave me a reason to drive 3k miles. So off I went! 

I made a plan of action. I’ve accomplished all of the goals I set for myself. 

I’ve settled into the “normal” life. I have a full time job, earning an honest income. I’ve helped someone dear to me. I haven’t shot a porno since I left LA. I’ve worked on getting some things in order that used to weigh me down. So life is good, in theory. 

Leaving porn is like quitting a highly addictive drug. 

Almost EVERY day I have a battle with my “new” life. Some days it’s really hard getting up and going to work. I tell myself how stupid I am for having morals, if I were still in LA I would only have to work for a couple days a month. But how stupid does that sound when porn ate me alive! It suffocated my soul because I held on to my true beliefs. If I didn’t feel like I could do so much more with myself in this life then I would still be in porn. 

So reminding myself of all of the pain I endured helps me when I start glorifying the industry. 

Today I am having a rough day. 

Yes I said I battle most days, but I also win that battle everyday. I am strong. I am confident I will continue to move forward. I am hopeful that one day I will not have to look back so much. 

I know what I’ve done, where I came from, and who I am. That’s the easy part.

The hard part… It’s not letting the world make me feel bad about any one of those. 

So today is a rough day, I don’t want to go to work. I don’t want to live here anymore. I’m tired of working my ass off just to pay my bills and then living paycheck to paycheck with little to have fun. The desire to be a pornstar again is no where to be found, but the lifestyle I used to live… Well that’s that drug, that’s that addiction I’m still battling. 

It’s easy to get into the sex industry, but very few ever leave.

One year later…. I am proud to say that where I am today is because of my strength, my passion, my desire to live life to the fullest. 

I may not have all the money I used to, but I have my health, my family, my soul, and my life. 

Life After Porn

Is there such a thing?

For two years I tried to wrap my head around the idea of life after porn. What it would be like, if it was even possible, and how the hell I would live in the real world.

Five years in porn may not seem like a long time to you, but I haven’t even been in a committed relationship for more than a couple years. So that’s a life time to me.

The first year, was a haze. Caught up in the hectic shooting schedule, the financial freedom, and the occasional Hollywood party, all kept me kind of unaware.

The second and third year, was business. I realized that everyone I knew, friends and family discovered what I’ve been up to. There was no going back. A 6 month plan to pay for college, and help my mom, turned into something much more.

The fourth year, I was tired. I was tired of the business that I’ve put so much of my soul into, so much of my time and my youth, and it not appreciate me, or value me as it should. I was realizing my worth. I realized I would never get the happiness I desired if I stayed in the adult business.

The fifth year, I began planning my escape. Ironically, I finally started to get recognized as something more than a rising starlet and damn good performer, but a smart young woman that had goals and ambition. Once people got wind I was on my way out, the response was so…. Supportive,
mostly. I would get the occasional, “Yeah right you’ll be back.” However, I had a lot of people understand that I have more to offer this world and much more to accomplish.
Yet, I was constantly getting tempted with offers that kept sucking me back in.

I pushed back my actual “retirement” date many times. I kept getting money thrown at me, opportunities I’ve been hoping for, but I had to find strength to turn it all down. Enough is enough!

So almost 6 months since my last “gig” …
I’m writing this blog settled into my new life.

My Life After Porn.

It hasn’t been easy.

I’m happier and more in touch with myself than I have ever been, though.

I want anyone in the business, that is trying to find a way out, to know that it is possible.

Anything is possible, you just have to want it bad enough.


It took me about a year to wrap my head around the lifestyle change I was going to make.

Meaning no more attention in mass amounts, no more free schedules, or making in a day what most don’t make in a month. The best part, no more using your body, you are now free to use that beautiful brain to make a living.

Now don’t get me wrong. We all have to use our bodies in a literal way, for labor of some sort. Just like we all have to use our brains of some capacity. It’s just that Life After Porn means no more selling your body, but using new parts of your brain, and being able to let out the REAL you!

Porn was all make believe. The life I lived was a perverted fairytale. The experiences I had, weren’t normal.

Yet I am so grateful for all of that because I now know my limits.

In order to truly be happy, you have to love yourself. As cliche as it sounds, it’s true!

Part of loving myself means forgiving myself. Forgiving myself for poor decisions, that led to my mistakes, but mostly all the little things I’ve been so hard on myself about.

Now I am in the planning process, again. I have some dreams I’d like to accomplish in the next few years. So lately I’ve been taking steps towards those goals. Every day I plan towards them. At some point I planned what I was going to do to get out, as well as after “retirement,” but now it’s about the stepping stones. There are many paths I can take, but I’m trying to keep my dreams alive. I will not take any of them, but make my own, and leave a trail.

So to those in the business that are looking for a way out…
First, wrap your head around what life will be like without posting naked selfies for thousands of likes. Get used to being called by your real name. For people judging you by how smart you are and how hard you work, versus how big your boobs are or what your sexual specialty is. Get used to having a schedule, to working hard for your money, versus having sex and getting an awesome paycheck and calling that hard work. Get used to what Life After Porn will be like.

Second, start financially planning for your exit. Whatever it is that your heart and soul really desires, start planning. Do you have bills, taxes, debt? How much are your monthly expenses until you get another source of income? How much will it cost to get your next career going?

Next, just do it! Pick a day and stick to it. When that day comes, walk away and don’t look back! You have to find that strength deep down inside to tell yourself to say no to any more money from porn. Otherwise you are still in porn. You are not living a Life After Porn. It’s not easy but once you find that strength you will be grateful, it is a rewarding feeling.

So now that you are done, it’s time to heal. There are things that you kind of have to debrief yourself from.

Experiences, trauma, addictions.
Things that civilians wouldn’t really understand, and that make it difficult for them to relate to you.

A huge part of the “healing” or “debriefing” period is acceptance.

Accept the fact that you’ve done some kinky, crazy, awesome, strange, things and all of those have made you who you are.

After this intense period, things become brighter. The future; new opportunities becomes inspiration, being able to live in the present is food for your soul.
Finally you feel alive again.

At least that is how it has been for me.

THERE IS Life After Porn!

My birthday present to myself …

The greatest gift I could possibly give myself, is retirement. After five long years, I am happy to announce my two final appearances.

The first will be in Chicago for the Exxxotica convention, July 11th-13th.

The second in NYC at Sapphires for my final feature dance, July 18th.

I could of just deleted all of my pages and retired, or wrote a blog and put out a press release stating my official retirement. However, I thought the least I could do is give my loyal fans one last chance to meet me. I am so very grateful for the experiences and life I’ve lived during my time in porn, but I couldn’t of done it without YOU, my fans!

So please join me, one last time, and celebrate the last 5 years as well as a new beginning.



Over the next month, I will be selling merchandise such as DVDs, 8x10s, trading cards, etc. I also have some outfits for sale. (To order please fill out the contact form located on the “contact” page.)
I will also be available for Skype shows, verified calls, and custom videos.
(The links can be found on the “TLF official sites” page.)

Now you have no excuse! You have multiple ways to meet me, experience me, and enjoy my entertainment one last time. I look forward to sharing this experience with each and everyone of you.

Thank you #TeamTLF

2014: Sapphires, AVN, Xbiz, Atlantic City, Ft Lauderdale… #TeamTLF

Hey Everyone!!

Sorry I’ve been slacking on my blog… I wanted to get better this year but that was an obvious FAIL lol! Anyways, I went to New York to dance at Sapphire’s & Vegas for AVN in January, then Xbiz in LA, Atlantic City in April and Florida this month for Exxxotica… here are some pics and videos of my adventures… Make sure to check out my Youtube page as well!

I had so much fun at all of these events, it was a pleasure to see my fans and meet new ones! I would like to thank everyone that voted over the last couple months, and for all of the support too! You guys ROCK! Love you #TeamTLF





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Random Blog: How do you know? #TeamTLF

How do you know its right?

How do you know this is your soul mate?

How do you know this is what really turns you on?

How do you know you can trust yourself to know if its true or not?


After years of being in this fantasy world, where nothing is what it seems, fantasies of any kind can be fulfilled at any moment; this world that is so far removed from the actual world we live in. When I’m in this world its like I walked into a chapter from The Chronicles of Narnia. When I step out of this mystical world for a fresh of breath air, I actually feel like I’m choking. Like a fish out of water. After 5 years I have changed. In a way that is now opposite of what I was when I entered this world. I used to feel out of place like I didn’t belong, I didn’t understand anything or anyone. I felt like the freak at the freak-show. Now its normal. When I’m not in this smutty world I feel like an outsider, I’m not a normal person anymore. I’ve evolved into something greater than “normal” and that my friend is beautiful.

This urge to write a blog came from some completely different idea, but once I start writing I kind of let my fingers take over and allow my brain to release whatever its been holding back, so enjoy.

Seriously though. In this day and age, how do we know what to believe is real vs. what is what we wish to be real?

I’ll tell you.

Sit down, alone.

Put on some music or be in a completely silent room.


Listen to your breathing, your heart beat, get your heart in tune with your body and mind.

Ask yourself the question you desire, and deep down you hold the answer.

Sometimes it takes shutting off the whole world and any influence and really listening to yourself.

¬† **When you don’t like something and someone offers it to you, right away you say no. If you are not sure if you want any at the moment you hesitate to think if you want it now. When you need an answer try what I mentioned above and you’ll be surprised how quickly you will know the truth.**


I think between the current events in my life and the things my loved ones have told me about life and my future… well I guess I just go to thinking and I had the urge to write… it may not even make sense but I kind of promised myself I’d start writing more again.

If you’d like to respond you may but no pressureūüėČ

Have a beautiful day, do something to pay it forward today! :))



Please vote for me!

I am really excited for the upcoming AVN award show! I love the fan voting and I’m grateful to be apart of the contest! Its up to YOU! My fans can vote for me once a day! I am nominated in two categories; Favorite Female Porn Star and Hottest Ass.¬†

Please take 2 seconds every day to help make one of my dreams come true! 

I would really love to win an award this year, but it would mean even more to me if it were a Fan Voting award. 


Thank you! 


Tara Lynn Foxx 



The Sex Awards!!! and 27k!!!

Hey guys and dolls!

It’s been a while since I’ve written. Well a lot has happened since then but I don’t even know where to start.

Right now I’m taking a little vacation time… I’ve taken the whole month of August off from shooting films to travel and cam and really just reevaluate where I’m at in this wonderfully crazy business we like to call Porn.

As you know I’ve been filming a lot this year… from Gonzo to Solos, Lesbian scenes to full on features and parodies. Its been a wild and exhilarating ride since I’ve been with LA Direct Models.

Keep an eye out for Saving Humanity from AMK, as well as This Ain’t Homeland XXX from Hustler.

Ok now on to the real reason you are here!! 

I am up for “Sexiest Adult Star” for The Sex Awards!!! YAY!!!!

BUT… this is where YOU come in. I need your votes #TeamTLF!!! It is very important to me that I win this award. In all of the years shooting I’ve only won ONE award and that was for XRCO’s Cream Dream. I was so honored to learn I won, but I was sick and couldn’t make it and accept my award properly. I have worked my ass off over the last four and a half years and I would love to have an award like this!

I also think I should win this award because it would be nice to show the world that being all natural is a good thing! I haven’t had any work done on my body and I don’t even get fake nails anymore. I’m a very real person and let you all in my life… as well as try to show you there’s a brain up there. So when I say I want to be named The Sexiest Adult Star… I feel like there is a lot more than just looks that go into this title. Brains, beauty, and personality. I feel like I have all of that and hopefully you do too!

So PLEASE!!!! Take 2 minutes to vote… literally! (unless you have shitty internet then it could take 5 LOL)

All you have to do is go to go to the Sexiest Adult Star Section… Find me and click on my picture. When they ask for your email enter it, to be sure your vote is counted!

The contest is almost over so please Let’s make it count! Tell a friend, Vote from different locations, do what you gotta do so I win! If this does happen I will be posting a solo video to say thank you to all of my fans! I love you all and appreciate the support you’ve given me over the years!

Make that Thank you button pop up!

Make that “Thank You” button pop up!


We’ve reached 27,000 followers on twitter! I am so happy and honored to know ya’ll love me enough to stalk me online! NO IM KIDDING!!! It is really flattering though to know #TeamTLF is STILL growing! SO…

to say thank you I have made a little video for my Lovers and Friends of #TeamTLF

Watch Here: Thank you Video

password: TeamTLF27k

Enjoy and have a Foxxy Day!



10 ways to show your appreciation on Valentine’s Day:

It’s almost here! The one day of the year we use as an excuse to go overboard for our crushes and lovers. I don’t really get into the whole Hallmark holidays often, but this one is my favorite. Especially since I’m an adult and the gifts and meaning behind Valentine’s Day has changed… for the better! I figured I should write a blog on the top 10 things a man or woman could do to show their appreciation on this wonderful day. But first… I want to make it a point that every day you should show those you care about that you appreciate them, V-Day is just an excuse to splurge and do cute, fun things we cant do every day.

So here we go… the top 10 things to show your appreciation on Valentine’s Day… well at least for me LOL:

  1. Breakfast in Bed; It always wins a girls heart over when her lover can cook. Besides if you do this one then #2 is DEFINITELY gonna happen!
  2. Morning sex! It’s one of my least favorite things… normally. Only because of bad breath. I LOOOOOOOVE to kiss so if I haven’t had a chance to sneak out of bed and brush my choppers and vice versa it’s not gonna happen. Unless I’m super into the person than maybe…
  3. Roses!!! Normally you would want to save the roses for the evening but I would love it if I could get my cake and eat it too. For instance, I walk into my kitchen and see a nice bouquet of roses on my counter. Then at night when I go to take a bath or lay down there are rose petals in a nice hot milk bath or a trail leading to a bunch spread across my bed.
  4. Chocolates; they are the cliche of Valentine’s Day but oh so important! If you get good chocolate, with each bite it will make your lover not only savor each piece but every happy moment you’ve ever shared. If you watch, You’ll see a smile that is priceless!
  5. Quality time; with the every day hustle it’s hard to spend good quality time with your lover… you settle for being in the same room or sharing a quick dinner, but the date nights eventually slow down or cease. This is a day that you can do something you’ve both been wanting to do together, but never had the time. Take it back, talk about random things for hours over a bottle of wine, take a walk on the beach and hold hands, or even go to that cool spot you’ve been meaning to explore together.
  6. PDA! I’m not a big fan of this at all. But If I saw that my lover really just wanted the world to know how much they cared about me and didn’t care who saw… well then #7 is in the bag!
  7. Jewelry; is another HUGE cliche for Valentine’s Day. Now don’t get me wrong… I love getting jewelry especially from a man or woman that I’ve had relations with for some time… but let’s be honest! A good ol’ fashion Pearl Necklace would do me just fine! Seriously maybe even in the bathroom at the nice lunch place you took me to… or some place semi hidden at the beach.
  8. Cute Notes; If you’re stuck working on this magical day then a cute, loving text, email, or tweet is major brownie points! Usually you give your lover a card from Hallmark that says a general message we can all relate to in some way or another. But there is nothing like a personal message to warm the heart and cause a smile!
  9. More food! They say good food puts ya in a good mood, but Great food makes for AMAZING sex! If you were able to spend the whole day together and went out to a nice lunch then a nice dinner at home is the cherry on top! Well no actually #10 is! lol
  10. Put me to bed; After the fabulous dinner we shared, it would be so lovely if you offered a full body rub down. Once you got my back side, you flip me over and do my front, then my hands and feet. You tell me you missed a spot and to roll over. Start to rub on my booty but then surprise me by slipping it in… mmmm mmmm mmmmm! What a way to end a perfect day!

So remember… today is not about you. It’s about your lover! If you take the time to show your appreciation, you’re the real winner. Seriously your cum sack will be so drained be the end of the day you’ll need a whole week to recoup! The cool thing is if both people have that “It’s not about me, It’s their day” attitude, it could be one of the most amazing days you’ve shared. I’m not saying do nice things and secretly be hoping for a reward, but thats just how it works… when two people unselfishly give and treat their lover great, it only makes for an amazing moment worth treasuring forever!

Enjoy Valentine’s Day 2013.

From me to you… MWUAH!!!!!





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comes in 3 sizes & colors
use “cupid” for $20 off!



If you dont have a valentine you can be mine! Send me something off my wish list and I will send you something to say thank you in return!

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We’re going to Vegas #TeamTLF! #BlogMonday

Hey Hey Everyone!

I will be at the Avn Expo at the hard rock hotel in VEGAS!!!

Come see me:

17th: 12-2pm @ MunkeyBarz AND 3-7PM @ LA Direct Models

18th: 11am-2pm @MunkeyBarz AND 3-7PM @ LA Direct Models

19th: All Day

I’m super excited to sign with LA Direct Models and MunkeyBarz for the first time at this convention. It is going to be a great time!

See u there #TeamTLF!!


TLF             @MunkeyBarz1

LADIRECTMODELS.COM                 @DirectModels